A ‘Who’s Who’ of Future Cool

We at Nootropics.com love to geek out about developments at the cutting edge. This list contains some of the people we think are doing great stuff, and reckon you would want to know about.

Nootropics second opinions


Trust but verify! Check out Examine.com for a completely independent information source. Examine.com has a great collection of information on supplements and nootropics sourced from scientific research, written up in a very accessible way while also offering more in-depth information about each of their conclusions. They are not as comprehensive as Cochrane reviews, but tend to have a lot more information about newer supplements.

Cambridge Brain Sciences

Scientific research is great at finding the average effect on a large group of people while avoiding personal biases. But the effects on you personally can be larger or smaller. Cambridge Brain Sciences offers a series of scientifically-valid tests to measure your brain health. Does Melatonin before sleep make you perform better during the day? Does Adrafinil improve your focus? Cambridge Brain Sciences is the perfect way to check for yourself!

Reddit /r/nootropics

The nootropics subreddit is one of the cerebral hubs of the online cognitive enhancement community. Packed with insightful commentary, detailed personal experiences, thoughtful reviews and a lot of smart people. As with much of reddit, it's not always the simplest community to get involved in, but get stuck in and you'll find a wealth of valuable content.

Food replacements


Saturo recently launched in Austria, and has very quickly become the regular breakfast of our CEO. Completely vegan, amazingly smooth and tasty, and including a caffeinated version to boot. Being sold as a liquid Saturo has none of the grittiness that you may have experienced with powdered food replacements, and is mostly reminiscent of a flavorful milkshake.


Imagine something between a chocolate muffin, a scone, and Lembas bread from The Lord of the Rings, and you've basically got Mealsquares. If liquid food just doesn't appeal, Mealsquares are probably for you. Though they're still technically in beta, they're already making converts worldwide. (Pro tip: warm them in the microwave for a few seconds and the chocolate chips melt just a little. It's godly.)
Check the beta shipping page for more details.

Life tools


This is a prepaid credit card combined with smartphone app. It allows you to top it up with EUR, GBP, or USD, and then use it to pay in any currency, without conversion costs. It's free to set up and use, and there's basically no downsides that we can find. To start, get the app, and they'll send you a physical card in some of the most seriously delicious packaging you've ever seen.


When you're flying somewhere, find the best price you can find, and then go to Flightfox. You fill in your criteria for the trip, plus a link to the best price you found, and they will search for a flight that is cheaper including their search fee. The process can take around a day as they're thorough, but it's always worthwhile. For us, Flightfox are the absolute last word in air travel money-saving.


Your computer screen produces a lot of bright light, and staring at it when you're supposed to be getting sleepy can mess with your sleep cycle. All of that is fixed by f.lux, which effortlessly filters out the harsh blue tones of your monitor as the sun sets. Completely free and utterly genius, you'll have no idea how you ever lived without it.