Site Status

Update: 17th November 2016

Due to the lack of a clear timeline, we have decided to cancel all orders that were put on hold. We hope you’ll re-order via Mastercard or Bitcoin, or via VISA when we get things rolling again. As a compensation for the delays, we’ll throw in either free priority shipping (domestic) when you re-order, or a free L-Theanine. (Your pick!) Please reach out to our customer service if you want to use this option, or need help with Bitcoin payments!

As for VISA: If you sign up to our newsletter we’ll send a heads up when it’s working again.

Marius Development

Update: 15th November 2016

Our Bitcoin processing is live! As with any new feature, there may be hiccups, so don’t hesitate to reach out if there are any questions.

Marius Development

Update: 13th November 2016

We have received word from our payment processor that the first batch of orders has been whitelisted. However, initial attempts by our customers to reconfirm their orders haven’t worked. We are inquiring with our processor to find out what’s going on, and have turned off VISA processing for the time being.

We are hard at work at finding more reliable ways of processing payments, as well as getting Bitcoin payments up and running. We’re not happy with the state of things ourselves right now, and are sorry for the confusion and delays this is causing. We hope to be able to bring positive news soon. Keep an eye on this page for updates, or subscribe to our newsletter to get an update when things are running again!

Marius Development

Update: 4th November 2016

There have been some recent tightening of regulations in the payment processing industry. You may have noticed that other nootropics vendors have stopped selling certain products, set up new sites, or lost the ability to accept credit cards entirely.

The current situation at

  • Bitcoin processing is coming soon.
  • Mastercard is fully functional.
  • VISA have temporarily tightened the requirements needed to process transactions. For this reason we are forced to manually pre-approve customers’ cards.

In practice for VISA purchases, this means you will place an order and your details will go to the bank as they usually would. We then need to apply to the bank for that card to be whitelisted.

Once this process is complete (we are told it can take up to 5 days) we are able to notify you by email and will ask you reconfirm your purchase. This time the order should go through without problem.

It’s undoubtedly inconvenient for everyone involved, and for that we sincerely apologise.

We hope that everything will be resolved soon and will be sure to keep everyone updated as soon as things are back to normal. If you haven’t ordered from us before, be sure to sign up to our newsletter for the latest news.

Further Information:

Nootropics vendors are considered ‘high risk’ to payment processors for a number of reasons, and they themselves are susceptible to regulatory changes by both the credit card companies and the banks they work with. It’s a constant battle to maintain functionality, let alone provide a stable avenue with which to accept payments.

None of these problems will affect the security and privacy of your information. We will never compromise on security standards in order to allow payments to go through.