Social Stack

Mood-boosting noopept and calming phenibut work together to help you feel in control. This stack will leave you feeling relaxed, bright and confident, and enjoying social interactions both at work and in your daily life.

Stack contains:

60x 30mg Noopept Capsules vegicon-2

60x 250mg Phenibut Capsules vegicon-2

Socializing • Mood Enhancement • Anti-Anxiety • Confidence • Motivation •


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Product Description

With all stacks, caution is recommended. Nootropics are powerful, and all brains are different, so combining them may have risks. Always make sure you try out the components individually first to verify that they work as intended for you, and don’t have any unwanted side effects. Beginning with smaller doses and building up to the recommended dosage is a commonly recommended precautionary technique.

Ever had one of those days where you keep stumbling over your words, feel like you’re not clicking with people, and just feel “off”? Does this seem to happen more often than you’d like? Social anxiety or social nervousness usually manifests in textbook symptoms like increased heart rate, sweaty palms and avoidance behavior, but it can also cause difficulty in communicating effectively with others.

Combining the anti-anxiety properties of Phenibut with a cognitive-enhancing nootropic like Noopept is a highly effective way to both ease anxiety and facilitate social interactions by helping you feel bright and alert. Phenibut mimics the brain chemical GABA, which regulates the nervous system to promote a feeling of calm and relaxation. Meanwhile, Noopept improves cognitive ability, boosts motivation and productivity, and promotes the generation of new neurons. Take Phenibut and Noopept the day of a work presentation or public speaking event for increased confidence and clarity.

Check out our separate guides on Noopept and Phenibut to learn more about each of these nootropics.

Stack Guidelines

Capsules per day: Noopept is commonly taken by itself fairly often (1- 3 capsules per day), but the effects of Phenibut can be felt even when taken just once or twice per week. Phenibut in particular works to ease anxiety with just a weekly dose.

We recommend taking Noopept and Phenibut together 1-2 times per week for general enhancement, or whenever you feel that you need a boost to your cognitive and social skills.

Effect duration: Peak effect duration of 1- 4 hours (so if you’re taking it for a particular reason, such as a work presentation, we recommend taking Phenibut and Noopept 1 hour before desired effect.

For more information please see the individual product pages.

Usage notes:

  • Day-long effects can be achieved by spreading intake throughout the day. Usage in the morning is optimal for avoiding sleep disruption due to increased wakefulness.
  • Alcohol note: Noopept has a dampening effect on the intoxicating effects of alcohol, meaning that individuals feel less intoxicated than they are. This carries the risk that individuals may drink more in order to reach the ordinary effects of intoxication, thereby compounding the harmful side-effects of alcohol.

Always consult with a qualified healthcare physician before taking any new dietary supplement. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. For further information, see the individual product pages for Noopept and Phenibut.

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