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<p>Melatonin is a sleep and wakefulness hormone that occurs naturally
in the brain’s sleep-cycle systems. In this concentrated form, Melatonin
allows you to take control of your body clock, inducing deep, restful,
natural sleep without daytime drowsiness. Given the essential function of
sleep in facilitating cognitive processes, Melatonin has earned its place as
a widely respected life-hack.</p>
<p>Melatonin’s properties mean that large doses reduce its
effectiveness: most commonly available amounts are too high, and cause
side-effects such as headaches. Our capsules contain a Melatonin dosage of
precisely 300 micrograms (0.3 mg), which clinical findings suggest to be the
optimal amount for peak effectiveness.</p>
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<p><b>Capsules per day:</b> 1</p>
<p><b>Effect onset:</b> 30 – 60 minutes</p>
<p><b>Effect duration:</b> Melatonin has a peak effect
duration of 2 hours, with a period of comfortable sleepiness that gently
fades over 4 hours. These sleep-inducing effects are diminished by sleep
itself, ensuring that you wake up refreshed and
<p><b>Extended use:</b> Melatonin can be used frequently,
and does not cause hangover-like effects as is common with sleeping
<p><b>Usage notes:</b></p>
<li>Taking melatonin several hours before bedtime shifts the
biological clock forward, and can be used effectively along with light
therapy, and to counteract jet lag.</li>
<li>Melatonin is reported to interact with anticoagulants,
immunosuppressants, and diabetes medications. If you are taking any of the
above, please consult a medical practitioner before taking
<p><b>Alcohol note: </b>Drinking alcohol after taking
Melatonin may prevent Melatonin from working properly. In general Alcohol may
also reduce sleep quality.</p>
<p>These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug
Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or
prevent any disease.</p>
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<p style=”margin-bottom:10px”><b>Third-party purity
<p class=”coa”><a
href=”/wp-content/uploads/COAs/Melatonin.pdf” target=”_blank”>Certificate
of Authenticity<br />Melatonin</a></p>
<p>The human body naturally produces Melatonin, which is a hormone
used for regulating the sleep cycle. Our brains suppress the production of
melatonin when we are stimulated by blue light, which is why we don’t get
sleepy during the day. Digital screens also emit blue light during the night
time, which may disrupt sleep cycles.</p>
<p>Besides the consumption of melatonin, programs such as <a
target=”_blank”>f.lux</a> or <a
target=”_blank”>Twilight</a>, are also effective at
improving sleep, as they automatically shift your screen’s color spectrum
away from blue after sundown.</p>
<p>Melatonin has a U-shaped dose-response curve, which means that
taking more than the necessary amount reduces potency.</p>
<p><b>Chemical name:</b> N-acetyl-5-methoxy
<p><b>Other names:</b> Melatonine, Melovine, Melatol,
Melatonex, Circadin</p>
<p><b>Side Effects:</b> drowsiness, headaches,
<p>Melatonin is well studied and is considered safe at standard
doses, but if side effects do occur, please exercise caution. If discomfort
persists or intensifies, always consult a medical
<p><b>Further information (off-site)</b><br
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target=”_blank”>Melatonin Wikipedia
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