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Relaxation • Anti-Anxiety • Cognition • Focus • Vitality • Neuroprotection •  Sleep Quality


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<p>L-Theanine is what gives tea its relaxing, anti-stress appeal. In
this concentrated form, it creates a focusing anti-anxiety effect that is
valued in itself, and is also used to take the edge off other nootropic
<p>Often taken with an early morning coffee, L-Theanine reduces the
jitters and anxiety of caffeine whilst amplifying the cognitive benefits,
creating a clean and lucid energy. It has a similar mellowing and amplifying
effect on <a href=”../piracetam/”>Piracetam</a>, <a
href=”../phenylpiracetam/”>Phenylpiracetam</a> and <a
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<p><b>Capsules per day</b>: 1 – 3</p>
<p><b>Effects onset</b>: 30 – 60 minutes</p>
<p><b>Effects duration</b>: Main effect lasts 2 – 4
hours, with some residual effects up to 10 hours.</p>
<p><b>Extended use</b>: Some diminished effect after 7
days of continual use. A break of 4 – 7 days can stave off
<p><b>Usage notes:</b></p>
<li>Can be taken with or without food.</li>
<li>If used for sleep quality improvements, take 1 hour before
desired time of sleep for best results.</li>
<p><b>Alcohol note:</b> Safe to consume with alcohol.
Additionally, L-Theanine has some tentative evidence of being a potent
antioxidant and hangover prevention method, as well as protecting the liver
from damage caused by alcohol consumption.</p>
<p>These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug
Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or
prevent any disease.</p>
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<p style=”margin-bottom:10px”><b>Third-party purity
<p class=”coa”><a
target=”_blank”>Certificate of Authenticity<br
<p><b>Chemical name:</b>
<p><b>Other names:</b> Theanine</p>
<p><b>Half life:</b> 3 hours</p>
<p><b>Side effects</b>: headache, dizziness, and
gastrointestinal symptoms.</p>
<p>L-Theanine is well studied and is considered safe at standard
doses, but if side effects do occur, please exercise caution. If discomfort
persists or intensifies, always consult a medical practitioner.</p>
<p><b>Further information (off-site)</b><br
<a href=”http://examine.com/supplements/Theanine/”;
target=”_blank”>Examine Article</a><br />
<a href=”https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theanine”;
target=”_blank”>Wikipedia Entry</a></p>
<p><b>Citations</b><br />
1.¬†<a href=”http://espace.library.uq.edu.au/view/UQ:284103″;
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2.¬†<a href=”http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21208586″;
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5.¬†<a href=”http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23097345″;
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hepatic toxicity</a></p>

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