Picamilon: Everything You Need to Know

In this guide, you’ll learn all about Picamilon dosage, withdrawal symptoms, where to buy Picamilon, and you’ll also get an honest comparison of Picamilon vs. Phenibut.

Picamilon is a drug developed in 1969 within the Soviet Union. In theory, Picamilon helps to reduce anxiety and widen blood vessels by producing GABA and niacin (vitamin B3).

Typically, users seek Picamilon if they suffer from anxiety, are under lots of stress, suffer migraine headaches, or are otherwise suffering from depression. If you study reviews and social media comments about Picamilon, you’ll probably find that most end users suffer from anxiety and are seeking treatment.

The theory of Picamilon is that GABA may act as an activator to GABA receptors and can potentially cause an anxiolytics response, thereby reducing anxiety. Niacin is another component of Picamilon, which acts as a vasodilator, thereby widening blood vessels. Together, these attributes are theorized to equate to a drug that can help to treat anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, and even migraines!

It’s very important to note that the U.S. FDA does not approve Picamilon as a food supplement. In fact, according to this report, the U.S. FDA has sent warning letters to supplement manufacturers who offer products containing Picamilon. The legal status of Picamilon, as a nootropic in the US, is a topic of conjecture, which has led to the anxiety of many users who wish to experiment with the chemical.

If you’re curious to learn more about Picamilon, then continue reading because there’s a wealth of information herein, including if Picamilon is right for you, and also safety concerns!

Quick facts about Picamilon

  • Created in 1969 in the Soviet Union.
  • Formed during the synthetic combination of niacin (vitamin B3) and GABA.
  • Available today in Russia as a prescription drug for the treatment of depression, migraines, and more.
  • Not approved by U.S. FDA for use as a dietary supplement in the USA.
  • The chemical formula of C₁₀H₁₂N₂O₃ (Source).

Where to buy Picamilon?

Buying Picamilon varies from where you live in the world. Picamilon isn’t the most popular Nootropic; however, in all honesty, you won’t have trouble finding a vendor if you’re actively seeking to experiment with anxiety treatment options.

For American citizens, there is a slight caveat. The current legal status of Picamilon as a dietary supplement is questionable in the USA, which has led to many American users seeking alternatives to Picamilon. So, while Picamilion isn’t exactly a verified dietary supplement in the USA if you look closely around the internet, you will find Picamilon for sale, there’s no question about that.

According to this article published on PubMed, there are vendors selling supplements containing Picamilon in the USA. This piece of information, in addition to the fact that the U.S. FDA has previously warned companies that marketing Picamilon may lead to a state of confusion for the consumer, understandably so.

All this information leads one to ask, if the U.S. FDA may request the cessation of supplements containing Picamilon, is your source of Picamilon truly reliable, safe, and consistently available?

All these dreadful and confusing questions can cause lots of stress, which is terrible because if you’re seeking Picamilon, you may already be experiencing anxiety!

If you’re frustrated when trying to figure out where to buy Picamilon, remember, Picamilon is technically not an approved drug by the U.S. FDA, so it may be questionable to sell Picamilon in the US or US-territories if marketed as a dietary supplement. It may be better to find an alternative, and if you would like to consider an alternative, then keep reading because we touch upon this subject in more detail later in this guide.

Picamilon dosage

Before we talk about Picamilon dosage, it’s important to remind you that you should always seek the advice of your preferred medical or healthcare provider or your doctor for advice regarding Picamilon dosage that’s right for you. Also, remember to consider the instructions provided by your preferred nootropic manufacturer!

Another critical variable to remember is that your body composition, brain chemistry, your metabolism, and your overall health can significantly impact how any nootropic or medication functions. For that reason, it’s essential to discuss dosage recommendations with your doctor, your trusted healthcare professional, or your medical council of choice.

If you’re new to Picamilon, it’s always recommended to start with the smallest dosage possible. This way, you can experiment with how the nootropic impacts your body, and you can increase dosage later if you wish. As with Picamilon and most nootropics, as you study more reviews, you’ll probably find that different users prefer widely different dosage options.

Based on our research and our studying of Picamilon user reviews, here is the common dosage:
10 – 300 mg daily.

Picamilon vs Phenibut

If you’ve spent any time researching Picamilon, two things are for certain. The first thing you probably realize is that many frustrated users are trying to figure out whether Picamilon is legal to buy in the United States of America.

Due to this frustration, you’ve also probably read how perhaps Phenibut can be a reliable alternative to Picamilon. Phenibut is a depressant noted for its anxiolytic and stimulant properties. In other words, Phenibut is designed to help the treatment of anxiety and is a popular alternative to Picamilon.

Phenibut is also popularly known as a recreational drug, and as any recreational drug, or any other drug for that matter, it can, unfortunately, be subject to abuse.

If you’re not familiar with Phenibut, then maybe you’ll be familiar with many of the brand names associated with the drug. Brand names such as Anvifen, Noofen, and Fenibut are associated with Phenibut.

Like Picamilon, Phenibut was developed in the Soviet Union and is designed to treat depression, anxiety, and even sleep disorders. People in Latvia, Ukraine, and Russia use Phenibut as a treatment option for anxiety. As you can see, according to Google trends, Phenibut is arguably much more popular than Picamilon.

If you’ve been considering treating your anxiety with Picamilon, and if you would like a viable alternative, then Phenibut may be worthy of consideration. Always be careful to consult with your doctor or preferred healthcare provider when trying any new medication; this is especially true for Phenibut, which may be easy for some users to abuse.

Phenibut is used to treat the following conditions:

  • High levels of stress.
  • Depression.
  • Alcoholism.
  • Anxiety.
  • Fatigue.

Picamilon side effects

Always be sure to pay very close attention to your body when experimenting with Picamilon or any supplement/medication of any type! According to our research, there haven’t been many Picamilon trials that involve humans. For that reason, it’s difficult to conclude whether Picamilon has significantly negative side effects.

Picamilon is typically sought after by those experiencing anxiety. If you read popular message boards or discussion on Picamilon, you’ll likely encounter users who suffer from social anxiety in one form or the other who seek treatments to help them relax and cope with social stresses.

Maybe a user must give frequent sales presentations, works with the public, or otherwise is stressed out at work due to social anxiety.

If you experiment with Picamilon, you may feel more relaxed, though keep in mind that your results may vary because your body composition is unique. If you want to analyze the thoughts of users who have experience with Picamilon, then definitely check out this very interesting Picamilon discussion on Reddit.

Picamilon may affect your body in the following ways:

  • Mood.
  • Sleep.
  • Relaxation.

Picamilon withdrawal

One of the worst feelings in the world and an additional source of anxiety is the thought of problems arising if you decide to stop using Picamilon or any medication or nootropic! If you suffer from anxiety, then contemplating and dwelling on this question can be a problem unto itself.

A lack of clinical trials, unfortunately, results in a drastic lack of documented cases regarding proven withdrawal symptoms for those who take Picamilon. If you’re looking to research more on this topic, then the reviews and discussions from Picamilon users might be your best bet. Here’s another in-depth discussion we found on Reddit regarding the experience users have with Picamilon.

According to our research, Picamilon withdrawal symptoms are minimal, though it’s important to remember that a lack of documented tests makes any claim regarding Picamilon withdrawal difficult to quantify or substantiate at this time.


According to our research, Picamilion users typically are seeking treatment to help relieve their anxiety.

If you’re suffering from anxiety or stress, then you’re not alone. According to this article published by the ADAA (Anxiety and Depression Association of America), roughly 40 million adults, or an astonishing 18.1% of Americans suffer from an anxiety disorder. This statistic doesn’t even include children or those under 18 years of age!

According to that same report published by the ADAA, only about 36.9% of those afflicted with anxiety seek treatment!
For that reason, we understand that you may be suffering from some anxiety, but maybe you’re not sure how to seek the best treatment possible? Maybe you love the idea of trying a nootropic that might be easier than typical treatment?

Or maybe you’re experiencing trouble at work, in your relationship, with your spouse, or maybe your fear of public speaking has rendered you anxious, frightened, and you’re losing sleep at night as a result!

So, due to your stress, you’re seeking the best solution possible. You’ve probably heard about Picamilon on your favorite nootropic Reddit board, or maybe in your favorite nootropic Facebook group.

The truth about Picamilon is that it might help treat your anxiety; however, unfortunately, at this time, it’s not approved as a dietary supplement in the USA. The FDA status has caused some confusion, if not trepidation in acquiring a consistent and reliable supply of the product stateside.

Whether or not you decide to experiment with Picamilon is always up to you. Ultimately, the decision should remain in the control of yourself and your doctor to determine which treatment options are available for your anxiety.

One thing’s for sure, we applaud you for actively seeking treatment, and at the end of the day please always consult with your trusted medical consultant, doctor or healthcare provider to seek the best option possible!